Plastic PVC id card is normally printed in full color including the holders photo, therefore it can have any type of design regardless of the number of colors etc.

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Why do you need Staff or Employee ID Cards?

These days its really important to identify staff members and employees, especially if we’re talking about a successful, big company in Nairobi or other parts of Kenya. So as to do this, your company and business requires Staff id cards or employee name-tags for your staff members and other employees. Staff / Employee ID cards are significant, as they give you the name, the designation title and the department where that particular individual works. Also,the ID has a photo on that card for the instant identification. All employees and staff members ought to have an ID card with them consistently, as it can assist to recognize each other. These ID cards will protect all the representatives and staff of your organization.

Staff or Employee ID Cards with Special Holders

In most cases, Staff or Employee ID Cards require special card holders for easy access and identification. If you need to hang the ID Card on your shirt or coat,.Lanyards are normally worn around the neck, to make it easy to access the Staff ID card whenever required to. For Special and Executive card holders including branded lanyards in Nairobi Kenya, please contact Impact Creative Designs today

Types of Staff or Employee ID Cards

We offer a variety of Identification Cards in Nairobi, Kenya. The most common is the plastic PVC ID Card which is white in color. This
The other type of ID Cards we offer is similar to the one mentioned above but it involves lamination process to avoid alteration or fading of the printed artwork on the Employee ID Card.
Lastly, we also offer temporary Identification cards, which can be printed on high gramage paper.